Without Bias- Loving your Enemy

Enemy -“Why do you still Love me without Bias…?”

Us-There’s no need to receive Respect in order to give it.

If Respect is who you truly are.

Who am I to judge?

We both Bleed, we both See

We both believe in what kind of world we want this to be.

So the question remains…

Why do I Love you Without bias?

Simply because… I Love Me!


Peace of mind- Not What it seems!

Everyone seems to be searching for a Peace Of Mind, I guess we can call it one of life’s treasures… Is it?

I’m writing about this subject today to create awareness about what true happiness may mean for us and in my opinion, we should all be vigilant.

Today I’ll take you through 3 stages of feeling/states I’m going to use to explain:


The Matrix- Just like in this legendary movie, this stage is what I would express as our “everyday mind”. Our physical world that comes with its rules and limits, which in turn funnels us into feeling/states which accompany that.

  • Stress, Instinct, Defensive, Offensive,Physical, Exhaustion, Materialism, Hunger, Survival etc..

I imagine for most of us including me, The Matrix is an everyday struggle, that’s why we try to use an escape via a holiday lets say. This is where the second stage I’ll talk about today comes into play, Peace Of Mind.


Peace Of Mind- Many would think this is the highest stage of mind and end up searching for this as the top of their emotional mountain. Although this state is hard enough as it is to obtain, the occasional holiday, birthday etc… Is just as quick fix.

  • Calmness, Silence, Content, Happiness, Relaxation, Understanding, Discernment, Forgiveness, Relief Etc..

Sounds like the jackpot, is it? This State of mind although amazing, has also led people into a grey/limbo area of existence. Many times we feel like there’s no more to reach for, but there is so much more and remember your Peace Of Mind is reliant on the condition of your Matrix. This make this stage very vulnerable and in many cases temporary.

Imagine these stages being gears in a car. The Matrix is “Reverse”and Peace of Mind is “Neutral”. It’s great but after a while, we still are not moving forward… This leads me on to my final stage which is Joy! “Full Throttle”


Joy!- Joy is where we should all be reaching for and take every moment it has to give to us. Most of us only experience this on special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays etc.. But we have access to this state of mind everyday.

  • Excitement, Energy, Wonder, Adventure, Positivity, Elevation, Abundance, Control etc…

Joy is a place that doesn’t depend on The Matrix  or a Peace of Mind, you’ve finally let go and you’re allowing yourself to move forward no matter what’s in the way. How is that feeling on Christmas morning? Or when you win a game with only seconds to go? When you fell in love for the first time? When your child was born? Etc…


You know this stage, much more than you think. Just don’t be a stranger to it, you have the power and it’s right there if we reach for it. As corny as it sounds, we have to Believe… Why? Because you’re dammed if you don’t anyways, might as well go out swinging than laying on your back and getting counted out.

As always thanks for reading! Next time I’ll write some tips on how to move through these stages although you can find some in my previous posts.

I’ll leave you with a quote of mine.

“That’s what Life is, its a never ending story.. Just make sure you’re in it”- Maximillion Simon”

Beautiful Destruction

The beauty lies in its Destruction.
For all of creation starts from nothing… Nothing is the start of everything… And Everything is Everything.“Maximillion Simon”

Thanks for reading! May all our destruction in life not be seen as a set back, but actually a new beginning, another chance for change. Have a blessed week everyone!


Views I thought I had,

The Stubbornness that drove me mad,

Seeing things clear from a different perspective,

has given my past no future at last.

Same apartment just a different view,

After realizing there is nothing to lose,

Keeping those old dogs at bay,

Striving to enjoy what remains.

Heart full of love and a new motivation,

What awaits for me in this new nation?

On occasion I stare deep into the blue skies,

Asking for the strength to keep these new eyes,

To live my ever-changing life and to Respect it,

For there is, nothing as sweet, as good old Perspective.




Every Master was once a beginner,
Every Champion threw their first punch,
Every Love shared a first kiss.
So look back, smile and reminisce.

Every Master made Mistakes
Every Champion experienced Fear
Every Love had it’s blind side Blitz
So look again, smile and reminisce.

For those who triumph do not wonder how or when things come.

We wake up, we are here… Now… I guess the question is… What are we going to do about it? 

As always, thanks for reading! I’ll leave you with a lyric from Lauryn Hill.

“How you gon’ (going to) win when you ain’t right within” Lauryn Hill


Don’t erase it but repress it

Believe that it exists but don’t yield to it

Absent for mind, absent from thought

Make that scream inside, what it once was

just a whisper in your head, that has grown like a ripple in the river of time

Starve it from fuel, starve it from attention

Like a misbehaved child, watch it sit in frustration

It will slowly perish, as all things do

These Demons, have never or ever will be

As powerful as you!


Transition: Giving yourself permission!

On a full moon night, I went outside with a close companion to admire the full moon. It had been a very busy time, full of changes!… I needed to refresh my personal intentions for my path in my current stage in life. I was looking for a sign and there it came to me in the middle of meditation.


I had to give myself permission! Permission to be great! The permission to let the path be exactly what it needs to be for me! To give myself permission to take on these new challenges! To give myself permission to rise and persevere, not from a low but from a beginning of a high! I had to give myself the permission!

Like Lao Tzu said about nature… That nature is not in a rush but all still seems to manifest! Being still in your mind can be a very scary thing because you have to confront yourself and your ego. The ego was created and shaped by our life experiences and we become dependent on our ego for protection, confidence and reassurance.

Ego is not a bad thing if nurtured right, it can be our superpower! But all superheroes have one thing in common… THE BATTLE WITHIN is their biggest challenge and in overcoming it, they give themselves the permission to be great! Permission to be extraordinary and to do the impossible!


I’m not saying that this is a quick fix situation to deal with or to be in a rush to do this now! Getting to this point takes time, perseverance and self belief. Putting trust in your path or in the order of things can be a real tough task to do because of the feeling of having no control, but if you think about it… What real control does anyone have anyway in anything other than the now?

In my opinion, we should trust our instincts and our ability to survive, like nature trusts itself to get through the seasons and like we’ve been doing ourselves since the day we was born. We didn’t know what breathing was as babies, but we didn’t need to know because our natural instincts took over and we found the way! Such a phenomena and many more happened all on their own, and there’s much more to come for all of us! #believe

“We was born to lose, but built to win!” Always remember that, so let the games begin 🙂

Wish me luck people, I’m really going through a transitional period right now and I’m very optimistic. I wish the best for all of you also because you are me and I am you! 🙂 Thanks for reading and Blessings to you all 

The Art of Running: Getting Started

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Find it difficult to run? Do you want that cardio training but don’t give it a go because of the difficulties?

running1-640x386“Everyone who has run knows that its most important value is in removing tension and allowing a release from whatever other cares the day may bring.”-Jimmy Carter

“I always loved running…it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.”-Jesse Owens

For me running has always been more symbolic than anything. I’ve always been used to working out and training; this for me was always a test to check my dedication. Running is something I didn’t have to do but by doing so, it gave me a satisfaction…

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Am I who I’m looking for


Many of us have trouble finding our way, or attracting the people we want in our lives. Why is it like this? Why can’t I find what I’m looking for in others?

Firstly to state the obvious is that we are all different and every single one of us is unique. Although we are in a society where we are all trying to be “Different” and by doing that all ending up the same… But that’s for another post.

Yes we are all different and when finding friends or partners, it can be very hard to find someone you mesh with or to find that common connection. What we do know is that when we find and feel that connection (If you have felt it before) It’s one of the greatest feelings ever! 😀

The way how many of us live our lives is through wanting, and not for much other reasons than just wanting. This usually leads us to waiting for that thing/person or energy to come to us on a silver platter!

In my opinion, gaining something as great as that connection does not come that easy (My prior post on Stress Management “Nothing worth something comes easy” would explain more about that).


Questions like “Why can’t I find a this certain connection with somebody or these people? ” is not always a valid question to ask. That question is solely based on self and has nothing to do with the person/people you are asking for.

Why not try to ask this question… “Do I have the qualities of the person I am looking for?” So…I’m not asking you to be the same as the person you are looking for because we are already different anyway. What angle I’m pointing out is this… Are you fully aware of what you are asking for? Is it simply because you want something that you should have it? Also why should a connection that special be so easily obtained by simply wanting?


Sometimes it’s not what you are attracted to, it’s what you attract as a person that can be blamed for certain company you may have kept. So by being more like the person/people you are looking for, will give that energy into the universe that extra kick into finding your match/es. Obviously if you are looking for traits like “Dangerous” and “Crazy”, that’s what could come your way so I’m not judging but know what you are looking for.

Exercise: Get a pen and paper, write down the traits that you are looking for in a person/people. Write at least 8 different traits

Once you are done, tick besides the words that you feel that you already portray as a person in your daily life. Be honest with yourself! 🙂

If you’ve ticked them all then congratulations! That is not easy to do, so keep working at things as there’s always something we can all improve on!

Now more importantly with the people that have ones UN-ticked, take a look at those and see what you can improve on as a person daily. Try to implement these traits in small doses everyday and take your time, it’s the effort that counts at this point!

Doing this would make it clear that you are willing to work for that connection that is so special.  These efforts towards what you want, will show that you don’t just “want” but also that you mean business. Soon enough you’ll see that you’ll start attracting the right people into your life with just a little bit of selflessness and effort!


Thanks for reading guys and enjoy the energies you’ll bring into your life. I’m looking forward to doing the exercise myself and find out what person/people are around the corner in my life! 🙂

Thanks again!



They say that Love is a losers game,

But by not Loving, we lose all the same.

Do you ever wonder why we still play?

I’m here to prove “They” wrong!

Loving along, Loving along.

Our hearts are on a highway, Stuck in Rush Hour traffic…

Signalling for the next exit…Hitch-hiking our way to Bliss.

Keep going with your heart wide open

There is such a place that exists.

I’m on a clear road in 5th Gear, listening to my favorite track

Only Air, Trees and the scent of the Sea…

Cover my rear view mirror as I dart through the breeze

Come and Love again,

Come back and prove “They” wrong…

Loving along, Loving along 🙂

Have a Happy Valentines Weekend. I’m not a big fan of the holiday but any excuse to Love is fine with me! 🙂

Enjoy your Partner, Family and Friends!